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14 Individuals Are Killed in a Karaoke Bar Fire in Vietnam

An enormous fire broke out at a karaoke complex in southern Vietnam close to Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday, resulting in the deaths of at least 14 people and injuries to others.

On Tuesday night, the institution had an outbreak of fire on the top level, which resulted in numerous clients being trapped within their rooms.

According to reports from the local media, in order to get away, four persons leapt from the second and third stories. They suffered injuries yet managed to pull through.

Almost immediately after the sirens went off, firefighters were on the scene.

The fire was put out in just less than an hour, according to the crews that worked on it. The investigators have not yet determined what the root of the problem was.

The An Phu karaoke bar, which was found in the Binh Duong district just to the north of the city, was housed in a structure that was fairly large and included 29 rooms.

According to statements made by local authorities, the fire had spread to around one third of the structure.
According to BBC Vietnamese, it had a number of ornaments as well as wooden décor.

A fire has broken out at a karaoke bar in Vietnam not for the first time but for the second time.

A karaoke establishment in the capital city of Hanoi was engulfed in flames around a month ago, and three firemen were killed while attempting to put out the blaze.