5 Best Processor for Phone in 2022

5 Best Processors for Phone in 2022
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5 Best Processors for Phone in 2022

Every year, the smartphone industry welcomes a number of new mobile processors. The best processor for mobile is found in each one because they are all different. The gap between any processor’s potential and its actual performance is, nevertheless, quite narrow. Depending on which one you choose, you may get greater game performance, superior camera quality, or a wonderful overall experience. In this post, we’ve determined the top mobile processors and produced a list of them in order of preference. So that you may choose your next gadget, this will help you rapidly choose the best smartphone CPU.

This list of mobile processors will make it easier for you to understand the SoC of the smartphone you currently own or the one you’re planning to buy. It will be simple for you to choose the manufacturer of the smartphone, whether it is Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, or Xiaomi, once you have determined the greatest CPU for mobile.

What is a Processor or CPU?

Technically speaking, a processor is an electrical circuit that manages the device’s set of instructions. The device has a number of logic gates, an arithmetic logic unit, combination logic, main memory, and IO. In contrast, modern mobile processors have a variety of processing threads, including AI engines and image signal processors.

These processors are designed to meet a smartphone user’s needs. They have software that allows them to perform computations, voice calls, image creation, camera calibration, and cellular networking. To put it bluntly, they are the next generation’s intelligent mobile processors, which is why today’s mobile processors are referred to as System-on-Chip (SoC). To uncover critical improvements in processor performance, or benchmarking, these SoCs need further testing due to their complexity.

So, what is benchmarking?

Benchmarking is an industry-standard method for assessing a SOC’s performance based on particular matrices. These matrices are nothing more than the SoC’s score following a successful test. In short, SoCs are tested to the maximum extent possible to determine their computational capabilities. The tests may include gaming performance, battery efficiency, and CPU overall performance.

The Apple A14 Bionic is now the top mobile processor. The new iPhone 12 series and the Apple iPad are both powered by the same chip.

How to understand AnTuTu Benchmark?

AnTuTu scores your SoC on various parameters. Their in-house algorithm tests your system chip and provides an overall score. So naturally, the higher the score, the better the performance is. For example, e.g. a processor with 4,00,000 scores will perform twice as fast compared to an SoC with 2,00,000 scores. AnTuTu has not mentioned any set standard for their scores.

How to understand Geekbench Benchmark?

Several matrices are used to calculate Geekbench results. Each score, according to Geekbench, is determined by running numerous computation jobs on the SoC. Real-world studies are typically based on workloads like cryptography, floating-point, API analysis, etc. In other words, the more significant the performance of the mobile CPU is, the higher the score.

Best Processor for Mobile Phone Ranking List 2022

As a result, if you’re looking for a list of the top 5 mobile processors, we’ve gathered a list of them together with their rankings and benchmark results from other websites that do benchmark tests. You may use this list to find the best smartphone CPU and make a wise purchase decision.

There are many distinct smartphones, and practically all of them feature unique chipsets. Every smartphone depends on the performance of each chipset since it influences the user experience and has a lasting beneficial effect. So, check out our rating list of the top processors for mobile phones if you want to ensure that you’re purchasing the correct smartphone with the right SoC.

Rank Processor Name    Phone                   Centurion Mark          AnTuTu 8               GeekBench 5*
#1 Apple A15 Bionic         Apple iPhone 13                                           801199                        1722 / 4685
#2 Dimensity 9000         Vivo X80                                                  1,049,081                 1179/4189
#3 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 OnePlus 10 Pro                                 1,029,556                 1259/4189
#4 Apple A14 Bionic              Apple iPhone 12             165                   611843                         1613 / 3909
#5 Snapdragon 888 Plus Asus ROG Phone 5S                           863552                         1160 / 2834

Every mobile CPU is a distinct group of SoCs, and each one’s performance will vary from the next. Therefore, the wisest strategy for choosing a smartphone with the greatest chipset is to first comprehend the usability of the device. Our selection of the top processors for mobile devices contains everything you require, whether you simply want to take some amazing photos, play games, or are a hybrid user that enjoys all the features of their smartphone.

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