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Halloween Tragedy Shakes Korea’s Entertainment Sector

The Korean entertainment industry has extended its condolences in the wake of the tragic crowd surge that occurred on Halloween night in Itaewon, which is located in the central part of Seoul. At least 154 people were killed in the incident. A weeklong national mourning period has been entered into effect in Korea as a result.

Following the tragic accident, cinema distributors in Korea have decided to cancel next shows.

Lotte Entertainment said on Monday that it would be canceling all stage greeting activities that were scheduled for the film “Confession” on the previous day, Sunday.

Stage greets are promotional events that are planned by the film distributor. These events are well-liked by local moviegoers since they provide the audience the opportunity to view the film with the performers and to pose questions to them in person.

Cast members So Ji-sub, Kim Yun-jin, and Nana were slated to go to the cities of Seoul, CGV Yongsan, and Megabox Coex and Lotte Cinema Konkuk University, respectively, in order to participate in a series of stage welcoming events for the drama “Confession.”

“We appeal for understanding. “We came to this choice as we entered a time of national mourning that will last for one week,” Lotte Entertainment stated in a statement.

The distributor of “Remember,” Acemaker Movieworks, has also decided not to go through with its intention to organize a stage welcoming event on Sunday with the actors Lee Sung-min and Nam Joo-hyuk.

On Sunday, the distributor of the recently released comedy picture “Men of Plastic,” which stars the Korean American actor Don Lee, better known in the area as Ma Dong-seok, postponed the press conference that was planned to take place on Monday.

“We would like to extend our sincerest sympathies to the individuals who were injured and their families as a result of the tragic tragedy that took place in Itaewon. According to a statement released by Showbox, “We also pray for the rapid recovery of the wounded who are now undergoing treatment.”

Instead of airing the entertainment shows and drama series that were due to take place on Monday and Tuesday, terrestrial broadcasters have opted to concentrate their efforts on providing special reporting on the Itaewon event.

Among the projects that were canceled were the drama series “Cheer Up” on SBS, as well as the reality shows “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny” and “Dolsing Fourmen,” also known as “Four Divorced Men.”

This week’s episodes of popular series such as “Artistock Game,” “Street Man Fighter Commentary,” “Street Man Fighter,” “M Countdown,” and “Show Me the Money” will not air on the Korean music network Mnet, which has also made the decision to forego broadcasting them.

In the meanwhile, a number of well-known Korean actors have expressed their sorrow over the incident that occurred in Itaewon.

“Itaewon needs your prayers. The actress Ko So-young sent a message on her Instagram saying, “I will pray for their souls.”

Kim Hye-soo, an actor, revealed on Sunday the phone numbers that people should contact to report anyone who are missing after the Itaewon catastrophe.

On his Instagram account, actor Hong Suk-chun, who is also well-known for being the owner of numerous eateries in Itaewon that were forced to close as a result of COVID-19, said, “Please pray. I pray that God will provide the departed souls eternal rest.

Celebrities from all across the world, such as Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis, sent their condolences from their respective countries.

Yeoh stated the following on her Instagram account: “I am still in disbelief and sorrow over what happened in Itaewon. Heartfelt sympathy.”

“A horrific accident that occurred in Seoul. The death of a significant number of young individuals who had just gained the liberty to party with their peers once again. Hold them and their families close to you as you celebrate Halloween with your own groups and in your own unique ways “According to what Curtis posted on Twitter.