Many Children Believed to Have Died in the Afghanistan Earthquake

Afghanistan Earthquake
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More than 1,000 people were killed in the Afghanistan earthquake, and rescue teams are hampered by excessive weather, depleted supplies, and difficult terrain.

The magnitude 6.1 earthquake buried an unknown number of people under the wreckage of wrecked, typically mud-built dwellings.

One lady in Paktika province’s hospital told reporters she had lost 19 family members.

“In my family, seven people were slain in one room, five in another, four in another, and three in another,” she stated from her bed.

By Wednesday night, Taliban authorities claimed most search and rescue activities had concluded, while some remained in distant areas.

The United Nations is among those rushing to give emergency shelter and food assistance to isolated parts of Paktika.

Survivors and rescuers have informed the BBC of communities utterly wrecked around the center of the earthquake, as well as ruined highways and cell phone towers, and their worry that the death toll may increase further. According to authorities, 1,500 individuals were also hurt.

The Taliban have requested greater foreign assistance.

So far, the majority of the victims have been discovered in Paktika’s Gayan and Barmal districts. According to locals, hundreds of villages have fallen.

“There was a rumbling, and my bed began to shake,” Shabir, a survivor, told the BBC.

“The ceiling collapsed. I felt suffocating, yet I could see the sky. My shoulder was dislocated, and my head ached, but I managed to escape. I am certain that seven or nine members of my family who were in the same room as me were killed.”

According to a mother of six who was severely injured in the earthquake, many people in her area were slain, including seven of her own family members.

“We are impoverished. We will never be able to rebuild our homes “She stated. “We don’t have anything to eat.”

All of her family’s food is buried beneath the rubble.

“There’s nowhere to go,” she continued. “I demand that the Taliban reconstruct our homes.”

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