You are currently viewing Netflix vs hot star vs Amazon prime. Who’s is winning and how ?
Netflix vs hot star vs Amazon prime. Who's is winning and how ?

Netflix vs hot star vs Amazon prime. Who’s is winning and how ?

Over-the-top (OTT) media services Netflix vs hot star vs Amazon prime have grown in popularity in India over the past several years. A streaming video service that is made available directly to viewers via the internet is known as an over-the-top (OTT) media service. The firms that often serve as a controller or distributors of this material are bypassed by OTT, including cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms.

Many filmmakers are already publishing their films on significant OTT platforms rather than waiting for the theatres to reopen as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic in the nation. When it comes to OTT services, India offers a wide range of choices.

A promising and competitive video distribution environment is a key factor in favoring OTT streaming over traditional methods of showing entertainment. While acknowledging the underlying issue with stereotypically providing TV material, it doesn’t sustain a broad range of network performance.

Over-the-top media services are supplied in a unique method to reduce the influence of such characteristics since they are at a high level. Withholding any gaps in between, OTT technology will adapt quickly to the network performance of the complete transmission chain live.

Top Ott platform most commonly used are

Hot Star
Amazon prime

Let’s divide the comparison based on few factors.

1)Cost & Plans


You may enjoy the free stuff on Hot star without having to pay anything. However, there is no trial version of the paid material available. Paying for it is your only alternative if you want to get access to the premium stuff. Hot star offers annual and monthly membership plans.

Amazon offers a 30-day risk-free trial. Additionally, Amazon offers annual and monthly subscriptions. There is no free stuff, you can’t see anything until you pay for it. The significant distinction offered is that you may access several services, including  Prime delivery, Prime video,  music Everything comes under the same subscription. Which add lot of value to users compared to other streaming services.

When compared to other providers, Netflix is the most expensive. It offers a one-month free trial, different subscription plans for various devices, and the number of screens changes according to your subscription. The term “number of screens” here refers to how many devices you may watch content on simultaneously while using the same account.

From the comparison, it is evident that Amazon outperforms Hot star and Netflix in terms of price while also offering users additional advantages. So let’s sort according to the winning


Hot Star features sporting events like live cricket. Additionally, it has a tone of regionally unique material and a live TV option for a certain station. Additionally, it has the newest films in all languages as well as well-known American television shows.

Only movies, comedies, and a few series are available on Amazon, despite having a variety of regional material. includes several English television shows and films. They also have their own original content, which is pretty entertaining to watch, under the name Amazon Original.

When compared to the other two platforms, Netflix shines out when it comes to series. It has a wide selection of several shows that we may binge watch. When it comes to movies, it may even be less different from other platforms. In comparison to the other two platforms, Its originals are among the finest in their class; the majority of its originals are excellent to watch and keep you glued to the screen.

In overall, it is a good option if you’re seeking for more material and fun. You can choose Netflix if you’re always looking for fresh content to view. You can choose Amazon Prime if you wish to find a middle ground between these two.


I can be pretty clear on this one; if you’re looking for something that your entire family can utilize, you should certainly choose Hot star. Due to the content’s primary regional audience focus. Everyone can discover anything to watch on this platform that suits them. Of course, everyone is united by sports. Therefore, you can select Hot star out of the blue if you’re seeking for a service that pleases everyone in your family.

Prime has a mixed-up bunch. If you have folks that like movies/series rather than regional serials. You can absolutely opt for this one. Both foreign and domestic entertainment is available, as well as a variety of regional entertainment. If you utilize more Amazon services, it would be a very wise decision to make.

Personally, I believe that Netflix caters to a young audience, particularly those who are between the ages of adolescents and late 30s. The information is excellent and outstanding. In comparison to the other two platforms, it offers a vastly different experience. This makes it distinctive and reduces the area for crowds, especially in India.