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SsangYong Motor Introduces an Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Platform

On Monday at the Coex convention center in Seoul, South Korea, during a meeting that was organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT, SsangYong Motor revealed its wireless charging platform that is currently being developed for electric vehicles.

The automaker showed off its first all-electric sports utility vehicle, the Korando e-motion, which was equipped with a lithium-ion polymer battery that had a capacity of 61.6 kWh and a wireless charging system that had a capacity of 22 kW. The electric vehicle could be fully charged in a span of three hours using the wireless charging system.

SsangYong Motor is currently working on reducing the amount of time required for charging as well as further innovating the platform in order to enable wireless charging through the use of the car’s feeder line while the vehicle is in motion.

When the technology is brought to market, it might allow electric vehicles to function with less power from their batteries. Batteries are the primary contributor to the high cost of EVs, so this could help alleviate some of the financial strain placed on consumers.

Since the year 2020, SsangYong Motor has been collaborating with a number of research institutes and universities, such as the Korea Automotive Technology Institute and Kaist, to create a secure and convenient wireless charging platform for electric vehicles (EVs) that will be able to be brought to market by the year 2024 as part of a national task that has been assigned by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.