T-Hub Compared to Silicon Valley

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T-Hub is a Hyderabad-based startup ecosystem enabler by facilitates collaborations between startups, venture capital firms, corporates, governments, and academia.

The Telangana Government promoted phase 1 of T-Hub, which began operations in 2015 at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-H) in Gachibowli.

The Telangana government was also involved in the construction of T-Hub by the IIIT-H, Indian School of Business, and NALSAR University of Law.

Despite being sponsored by the Telangana State government, day-to-day operations are totally delegated to a professional team that reports to a Board of Directors comprised of ecosystem members.

T-primary Hub’s goal is to help young entrepreneurs launch and expand their businesses. They can bring a business concept to T-Hub, which will assist them in turning it into a product or service.

T-Hub has helped over 2,000 companies form teams, develop products, and discover markets in the last six years.

T-Hub 2.0

T-Hub quickly captured the attention of young entrepreneurs from all over India, not just Hyderabad.

T-Hub began to focus on deep tech areas such as Blockchain, AI, Big Data, ML, IoT, and Mobility as it grew, and it brought in various industry partners to provide accelerators.

With the proposal gaining popularity, the Telangana government planned to build a much larger campus to accommodate all ecosystem stakeholders.

The T-Hub 2.0 project was pushed back due to the pandemic has. T-Hub 2.0, with an estimated investment of Rs 700 crore, aims to build on the success of phase 1.

T-Hub 2.0, located in Raidurg, is surrounded by leading global and domestic IT and semiconductor enterprises.

T-Hub 2.0, with a total built-up area of 5.82 lakh sq ft, is billed as the world’s largest innovation campus, surpassing Station F in Paris.

“This will be a microcosm of the innovation ecosystem, housing over 2,000 startups, corporates, investors, universities, and national and international ecosystem facilitators,” the company says. T-Hub Chief Executive Officer M Srinivas Rao

T- Hub Compared to Silicon Valley

T-Hub Innovation Hub in Hyderabad inaugurated the second phase of its growth last week, seven years after the first leg was built, and CEO Mahankali Srinivas Rao (or MSR) claims that the organization will not only compete with Silicon Valley but may perhaps surpass it in the future. MSR talks to ET Digital on the sidelines of the event about how T-Hub 2.0 hopes to help all players in the startup ecosystem.

The parallels are evident. To begin with, keep in mind that Silicon Valley has been there for over 60 years. But I believe that what we’ve accomplished today is a significant step toward building an environment and constructing an infrastructure that can lead to many more things. We are on track to not only compete with but maybe even surpass Silicon Valley.

Survival rates are high when compared to most other organizations doing similar work. And today, as you can see, we’re also constructing world-class infrastructure. The goal here is to provide a venue where all of the ecosystem’s important stakeholders may work together under one roof. So we have venture capitalists, academic institutions, industrial organizations, banks, and so forth. All of this, of course, is supported by powerful service providers, both technical and non-technical.

T-hub has companies across over 37 industries. We’re now doubling down on select industries, like healthcare, electric vehicles, animation, and gaming. We have almost 90 businesses in healthcare alone. We are also considering deep technology.

These are the five industries that will continue to help all types of businesses. Our primary focus will be on determining how we can assist these five. Our architecture includes access to money, markets, mentors, personnel or skill, motivation and mentality, collaborations, and policy assistance. So, as we begin with more specialized work in each of these five sectors, it becomes much easier to expand that expertise.

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