Yorkshire Water Announces £1.5bn Framework for Non-Infrastructure Works in Yorkshire

Yorkshire Water's £2.8bn Frameworks | Shaping the Future

Yorkshire Water has recently unveiled its plans to establish a £1.5 billion framework that will encompass non-infrastructure works across Yorkshire. This framework will create numerous opportunities for contractors and consultants to collaborate with Yorkshire Water on a variety of projects.

The Scope of the Framework

The £1.5 billion framework will include a wide range of activities, such as construction, design, civil engineering, and process works. It will provide an avenue for diverse tasks like design and build work, pre-construction surveys and investigations, and design and construction management. Additionally, it could also encompass program management, progress and performance reporting, quality management, and commissioning.

According to Yorkshire Water, the appointed firms may be requested to contribute their expertise, guidance, support, and resources in various aspects, including design, planning, management, and delivery of assets. This demonstrates Yorkshire Water’s commitment to establishing fruitful and long-lasting partnerships within the water industry supply chain.

The Structure of the Framework

To ensure effective project management and execution, the framework will be split into two distinct lots: complex works and minor works. The complex works lot will primarily consist of projects with values ranging from £5 million to £75 million, with a concentration of jobs falling within the middle of that range. However, there will be no upper threshold for project values, allowing for flexibility and the inclusion of diverse endeavors.

Yorkshire Water anticipates appointing between three and six design and build contractors to the complex works lot. This presents a fantastic opportunity for contractors in the field to showcase their expertise and collaborate on significant projects.

On the other hand, the second lot, focusing on minor works within the framework, will cover less complicated projects valued between £250,000 and £5 million. While the exact number of firms to be appointed to the second lot is unknown, Yorkshire Water aims to appoint a minimum of one solutions design consultant and three contractors. This creates an excellent chance for smaller contractors to engage with Yorkshire Water and contribute their specialized skills to the projects.

Looking Ahead: AMP9

Excitingly, the framework could potentially extend to cover Asset Management Period 9 (AMP9), which spans from 2030 to 2035. This indicates Yorkshire Water’s long-term vision and commitment to forging enduring partnerships to deliver sustainable and low-carbon solutions.

Rachael Fox, Yorkshire Water’s Head of Programme Delivery, expressed her enthusiasm about the frameworks and highlighted the opportunity they present to collaborate with the water industry supply chain. She emphasized the goal of building sustainable, long-term relationships with partners to successfully deliver Yorkshire Water’s £3 billion capital program and extend these partnerships into AMP9.

Getting Involved: Supplier Briefing

Contractors and consultants eager to be part of these exciting frameworks are encouraged to attend the supplier briefing organized by Yorkshire Water. The briefing for the £1.3 billion framework will be held on Monday, June 5, at Yorkshire Water’s site in Buttershaw, Bradford, starting at 10 am.

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